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We do everything

Holistic Approach

  • We start from the client’s idea, big or small
  • We establish goals with the client
  • We research exhaustively the field in question
  • We develop iterative phases
  • We generate extensive communications and follow-ups with our manufacturers
  • We deliver the final product fulfilling all the design criteria
  • We create marketing tools (renders, photoshoots, packaging, instruction books, etc.)

User Centered Design

The end-user is at the core of our design process from start to finish. We choose the materials and the manufacturing process in order to optimize the performance of the athletes. We then test the products with pro athletes to make sure we meet the highest standards of our industry. Finally, we do the sizing process internally in order to keep the performance consistent from size XXS to XXXL.

Complete Knowledge of Material and Fabrication Processes

Our many decades of experience in the field give us an edge when it comes to choosing the right materials and how to work with them. We use our own tools, in our workshop, to build the prototypes and test the product before launching the production. Throughout the year, we travel the world to attend a vast array of trade shows to make sure we are aware of the latest trends and technological innovations in the field of product development.

Strong Relationship with our Suppliers Around the World

Our established manufacturer network enables us to pick and choose the best partner available according to our clients’ manufacturing needs. This relationship removes the need for a middle man to bridge the design process and the manufacturing process. That’s what the TACTIX experience is all about!

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