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What we do

We do Team Sports

Although aesthetics are well entrenched in their traditions, each sport demands the same degree of performance and innovation. That’s why TACTIX is inspired by the different sport communities we’ve been part of over the last few years.

TACTIX combines more than 15 years of experience and a deep knowledge of the multiple aspects of different sports, as well as a technological approach that allows exploring innovative and hybrid solutions.

We do Action Sports

Our expertise in contact sports such as hockey and football naturally lead us into the development of action sports products. Even though protection is paramount, the product should be designed with the comfort of the user in mind. Weight, ventilation and articulation have to be balanced in order to create a product that performs for the most demanding athletes. We also make sure to meet or surpass the norms and standards of the industries’ most thorough tests.

We do Footwear

We’ve always been kind of sneakerheads. Since the very beginning, footwear design and development was always at the core of TACTIX’s knowledge and expertise. We worked with many major brands on various types of footwear, inside and out. From protective boots to running shoes, from the boat to the trail or the mountainside, offering style, comfort or protection.

We integrate innovation, technology and performance into every piece of footwear we develop and at every stage of the process. We believe footwear design success stems from understanding the market and the brand culture.

We create a design language starting with a high level of inspiration, then we go deep, get creative, and develop a unique angle to sculpt from. We are true shoe sculptors.

We do Wearables

We are a team of tech-heads waiting to get our hands on new and exciting ideas. Combining our expertise in soft and hard goods, we go above and beyond, pushing further the boundaries of product development in audio and VR.

Wearable technology has become a growing demand and we approach each new idea with a creative edge, which is incorporated into the product.

With our background in sports and activewear, we have a strong and experienced approach for fit, form and incorporation onto the body. We design wearability, durability and performance.

Thanks to our knowledge of cultural codes and our extensive exploration of different materials and technology, we are experts in tailoring new technologies.

We do Outdoor

We are truly passionate about the outdoors. Designing this type of product is a simple extension of our way of life! The sense of community is strong among outdoor enthusiasts and we are proud to contribute.

Our passion allowed us to share our know-how with important brands like Salomon, Merrell, Patagonia, Timberland, Tecnica and many more. From shoes to helmets, our expertise in form-fitting products forged TACTIX’s reputation and now allows us to share our knowledge to the fast-expanding military sector.

We do Military

Our experience in sports was always body related and about performance, lightweight materials, heat management and much more. Meanwhile, soldiers have expressed the need for better designed products, and the military industry is now looking into sporting goods products for answers.

We’ve worked on projects related to every aspect of the soldier's body, from helmet design, gloves for chemical protection, gas mask harness, ballistic garments and footwear. We have deep input on functional, fit and protection innovation, from user relation to styling considerations.

We are about user oriented product design.

We do Safety

Thanks to our experience with sport protection products, we are able to offer modern, performant and comfortable solutions for working environments where protection is needed.

Taking into account standards and specifications, we are used to working with constraints and norms to abide by: our approach is built on it!

Beyond the enjoyment of playing, TACTIX has developed an expertise that allows us to keep athletes safe and healthy. We want to apply these aspects to safety in the workplace: let’s optimize worker performance while keeping them safe and healthy.

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