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The most powerful, form fitting and accurate physical audio in a wearable form: a truly transformative audio experience.

TACTIX’s experience in wearable sport equipment and SubPac's pioneering knowledge in tactile sound technology fused for a collaboration to create the M2.

We are partners with SubPac.

Thanks to our extensive experience in wearable sport equipment, we were an integral part of every step of this project, from ideation to product launch. On top of designing the M2, SubPac trusted us with all their packaging, marketing renderings, factory sourcing, graphic design and online manuals.

Playground Global, a startup incubator founded by Andy Rubin, invested in SubPac in 2016. We traveled a couple of times to their office in Palo Alto and worked closely with their multidisciplinary team on developing future projects. We teamed up with experienced systems, sound and software engineers and product designers. So let’s just say we learned a lot working with these industry leading talents!

  • SubPac needed a development partner and we delivered.

  • We found the right factories that would help us develop the best product possible.

  • We integrated electronics inside a soft good component: this will help us design our next wearable product.

  • We made the M2 to fit snugly on your back, for an optimal physical sound immersion while also being silent to the outside world.

  • We also had to design the product so it could fit a lot of different shapes and sizes.

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