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We know this joint!

Shock Doctor wants to position itself as the bench mark in sports medicine products. TACTIX worked with different sports medicine specialists to deliver a customized product. A simple, effective and affordable brace for athletes.


  • An affordable product for this support level, previously lacking in that price range.
  • A solution allowing the use of a base hinge and avoiding the complexity of customized products.
  • Prevents potentially harmful impact of a single rotating hinge on the knee.
  • Creation of an ABS double structure system that offers the required rigidity.
  • The different parts are bound together by a semi-rigid over-injected TPE structure that offers the needed flexibility to adapt to different knee sizes.
  • Validated and tested by athletes and physiotherapy professionals.
  • Multiples sizes developed with an analytic methodology based on data gathered from different subjects.
  • Unique patented system.
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