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950 & 550 Impakt batting gloves
950 & 550 Impakt batting gloves

Protect yourself at the plate with these form-fitting gloves

Designed with a premium pro style tactile Pittards leather palm, a breathable seamless back of the hand fabric, low profile Velcro, a streamlined fit, gel to shell customizable protective shield for lead hand, and reinforced wrist strap, this batting glove gives you a sleek pro level design without sacrificing the protection you want to step up to the plate with confidence. Don't let an errant throw take you out of the game.

  • Our experience in close-fitting gloves ensured we made great full scale patterns quickly and limited the amount of pattern revisions with the supplier.
  • The backhand design is applied on a single lycra pattern so it feels very smooth when your hand glides into the glove.
  • Strategically placed flex zones to ensure your glove is always providing a perfect fit whether your hand is closed or opened, and wear zones, to extend the life of your glove.
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