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EvoShield XVT Batting Helmet
EvoShield XVT Batting Helmet

Safety and performance without compromise

Following the success of past projects, Wilson teamed up with Tactix to design & develop their next baseball & fastpitch protective helmet and face shield.

After a couple of mood boards and an extensive research and alignment phase with the client, the chosen narrative for the helmet was superior ventilation and comfort.

We then did multiple exploratory hand sketches and refined the best directions. The helmet was initially designed for the Wilson brand, but after Evoshield joined the Amer Sports Company, most of Wilson’s protective gear shifted to the Evoshield brand. We then had to revise the styling to match the design language of this brand.

After choosing the final direction, we built a reference clay helmet over an in-house molded NOCSAE regulation head form.

Every detail was hand sculpted and fine-tuned on the full scale clay model. We then scanned the clay and began the extensive CAD phase to refine and sharpen every surface. We 3D printed the model a few times along the way until every detail respected the design intent and we were ready to open the mold.

  • A low profile shell grants the batter a superior fit.
  • The strategically engineered venting system keeps the player cool in high-pressure moments.
  • NOCSAE certified shell designed for maximum protection and optimal comfort.
  • The removable face shield is engineered to securely mount to the side of the helmet and protect the side of the players face without obstructing sight lines.
  • The sharp styling smoothly transitions the aesthetic codes accepted by players into a modern era.
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