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Kollide Football Helmet
Kollide Football Helmet

A new approach to protection

Kollide is among the three winners of the NFL Helmet Challenge.

The KOLLIDE football helmet is an innovative and complete protective system that combines a unique arrangement of small 3D pads with their underlying support matrix structure. The 3D pads can move freely, relative to one another, to optimize shock absorption, depending on where the impact comes from. The technology lies in a unique liner made of polymer strings, forming networks of structures that absorb a large amount of energy.

  • Higher protection & performance

    KOLLIDE 3D technology ensure better mechanical response to all types of impact, whether linear or angular.

  • Lightweight & highly breathable

    3D printed materials provide unparalleled protection to weight ratio and air circulation, improving athletes’ comfort and performance.

  • Head shape & playstyle customization

    Customize according to fit and field position to reach a higher level of protection.

  • Virtual design validation

    With our partners at KOLLIDE we were able to leverage the full power of virtual simulation to ensure enhanced protection and compliance to all standards.

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